As some of you may remember, Nashville blog, Loud Vitamins, interviewed us in January about Closer and our plans for 2017. They came back around to speak with our good buddy PINEL about his brand new single, Notations. It looks like the two had a great conversation and to save you some time, we went ahead and pasted some of the interview here for you to read. Hit the link below to check out the full interview and listen to Notations here

Where are you from? does your location influence your sound?

I am from Dayton, Ohio. I have lived in Dayton my whole life, minus a stint in Nashville after I graduated from college. Dayton, the city, has not really shaped my sound, but the people have. The atmosphere around the city is one of collaboration. I have many people that help me on a daily basis to shape my sound. Living in the music capital of the world, Nashville, also profoundly helped me shape my sound. I worked in a recording studio, Sound Emporium, and being able to see and hear all the different types of sounds people were making really inspired me.

How long have you been doing music?

I have been making music since I was about 15 years old, I’m 27 now. I have worked with all sorts of styles from country to hip hop to the more indie electronic stuff I am making with this project.

How and why did you get into music?

I used to play hockey as a hobby and an extracurricular activity. I got hurt playing and could not play anymore. My dad introduced me to guitar and it was over from there. I have since moved away from playing and more towards the production side, but this experience early on really helped shape where I am now.

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